exhibitions, commissions and collaborative works

This page contains details of some of my recent exhibitions, collaborative works & community based photographic projects, for further details – please don't hesitate to contact me.


Our Community – Commission and own work

(National Museum of Australia)
Photographically documented the diversity of a remote outback town called Walgett, from its farming community to the Indigenous community. Our community was exhibited at the National Museum of Australia along with a two-day forum on building strong communities. This exhibition toured Australia for two years by the National Museum of Australia. The Walgett and Lightning Ridge communities of New South Wales are unquestionably remarkable. They have a unique history, and a long record of conflict and resolution in a harsh and unforgiving land. However, all those who live, work and come from here are fiercely proud of their struggling but tight-knit communities. They are communities made up of many extraordinary individuals who are unreservedly and boldly explicit in their manner of self-expression, confidence and resilience.


  • A major photographic exhibition exhibited at the National Museum of Australia of the Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Brewarrina, Goodooga, Bourke and Coonamble communities in far out west NSW exhibited at the National Museum of Australia
  • A travelling exhibition that travelled regional NSW for two years
  • A two-day conference on communities and their values with presenters form overseas, universities, well known historia


Culture Works – Commission

(Department of Immigration and migration) Lambing flats Museum
Migrants on the Land, Permanent exhibition, Lambing flats Museum Young Photographically recorded the farming migrants of Young and the history of farming in a regional country town.


  • Post cards
  • Interactive Internet site
  • Video of interviews
  • Publications
  • Permanent exhibition of black and white photographs and displays.

Migrants in the workplace – Commission

(Department of Immigration and migration) Liverpool Hospital
'Migrants in the workplace' Permanent exhibition, Liverpool Hospital Photographic exhibition of the migrant workers at Liverpool hospital.


  • Post cards
  • Interactive Internet site
  • Video of interviews
  • Publications
  • Exhibition of black and white photographs and displays.

Your wrights to work – commission

(Department ageing and disabilities)
Photographed elderly people at work


  • Posters
  • Postcards
  • Exhibition
  • Launch

International year of older persons – Commission

(Veteran affairs, Gosford and Wyong council, Central Coast Area Health Service)
Partnership project for the international year of older persons. Photographed older people in their environment.


  • A calendar with Black and White photographs of older people and their captions
  • Timeless a touring photographic exhibition
  • Media campaign to educate and promote the year
  • Stories from older people
  • A booklet on breaking the age gap between young and old.

My Turn – Commission

(Benevolent Society and Gosford City Council)
Worked with a men's group that were from a challenging past on telling their story through photography.


  • A series of posters on men contributing to their community
  • An exhibition of the men the way they wanted to be photographed with what is important to them
  • Produced a performing art stage show with the men telling their stories, together with music and large scale portraits of each male.

Photo Voices – Commission

(Maitland Regional Art Gallery)
Worked with the gay and lesbian community of the Hunter Valley, Rainbow Visions Newcastle and Maitland regional gallery. To produce a body of work together with participants to break stereotypes, educate regional areas and empower the gay and lesbian community.


  • Exhibition of photographs of the participants that showed what they valued. Had a large opening at Maitland Regional Gallery
  • Large scale banners that lined Maitland main street
  • Writings from interviews with participants that accompanied the exhibition
  • A Video of the participants interviews and preparation for Mardi Gras

Post card from a young parent – Commission

(Regional Youth support services, youth arts warehouse and Wyong Neighbourhood Centre)
Worked with young parents teaching them photography and how to look at their life through the lens in capturing what is good and challenging about being a young parent


  • An exhibition of photographs taken by the participants, had an opening of the show
  • Developed the photos into a series of postcards with information on services on the back and distributed to all Central Coast community centres and services.

Balgo A rare glimpse

Community art project with the Brothers of Mersey school, Balgo NT
Working with Balgo Catholic school children, (A remote outback indigenous community in Northern Territory)


  • An exhibition of photographs taken by the children on what they value most about their tiny remote community

Cultural Identity

(Gosford city Council, community cultural development)
Spent a weekend with three facilitators in three scenic locations on the central Coast, with 12 established CC artists. Learning and looking at the cultural identity of the Central Coast.


  • an exhibition of art works, music, dance, poetry and video at Gosford regional art gallery to coincide with the conference "Sense of Place" with our sister city Edagowa.

Families and Identity – own work

(Gosford Regional Art Gallery)


  • a major exhibition of photographs showing the diversity of family life in Australia, with an interactive script about identity and our meaning of it.

Photo Voice – Commission

(Regional Youth Support Service, Australia council arts grant)
Worked teaching Young people with disabilities photography and darkroom skills.


  • an exhibition of Black and white photography taken and printed by participants.